Penny’s coaching has been invaluable to me, it has helped me gain clarity on a number of different issues both personally and in work. Having a neutral person who is able to ask the right questions has enabled me to move forward in some areas that I have previously been ‘stuck’ with. Taking the time every week to be coached has given me a fresh perspective on where I am and would like to be in the future. Thank You!

Helen Denny Director, March 2019

I retired from my job in a caring profession with lots of ideas about what I could do next -and promptly stalled! Through a process of attentive listening and thoughtful reflection, Penelope enabled me to identify some issues that were keeping me stuck, and supported me to explore what would give meaning and purpose to this next phase of life. I found her sessions extremely helpful.

Pippa, July 2019
Penelope is a fantastic life coach. I came to her at a low ebb, not sure what was wrong. There had been some bereavements, I was always anxious. I said I wanted to write. I’d never spoken to a life coach before, I wondered whether we would fill the sessions.
But we did. The conversation is a two way street, it is dynamic and creative; unexpected avenues can be explored. Penelope feeds back what she hears you saying to help you.
And at the end, I have changed, I have learned what was blocking me, I am less anxious, I have tools to take me forward, a weight has lifted. And I am writing.  So as I said, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Penelope, she has really changed my life for the better. Thank you Penelope
Tim, July 2019

Penelope’s ability to navigate entrenched and sensitive issues whilst maintaining focus on resolution proved invaluable.

Deputy Director Human Resources, University, 2014

I have been working on and off for six months with Penelope. Her gentle, perceptive way of suggesting what she hears when I speak has helped me to see possibilities and hope, leading me to a more objective and positive vision of my future. Her support and total engagement has been enormously helpful in my present situation and what looked like dark, total disruption now has lots of chinks of light. Thank you Penelope, also for your unassuming humour and humanity.

Clarissa, Dec 2018

Penelope engaged me in focusing on what issues I could work on and enabled me to choose the ones that linked together for our sessions. She demonstrates her willingness to be alongside a client while keeping her perspective and within her role. She is warm, she has maturity and is interested in her client and wants them to achieve their goals.

Suzanne, October 2017

My coaching sessions with Penelope have been eye opening. She is incredible at helping to separate the wheat from the chaff. By razor sharply reflecting my words, she helps me understand how other people hear my thoughts and consequently helps me to take responsibility in articulating my wants and setting my own goals.

Jan-Willem, Sept 2017

Even after the first session with Penelope I felt like I had gained some order and control back in my life. I had just been through a dreadful divorce which had traumatised my two teenagers and myself. Every session with her has been unique and always beneficial for me. We talk about different aspects of my life and difficulties that I might be facing. Penelope has boosted my confidence and helped me to gently tackle one issue at a time.

I have no doubt that the life coaching that I have had with Penelope has boosted my self esteem, helped me to believe in myself and given me the strength and resilience to face the uncertainty in my life. I am looking forward to a new chapter in my life and planning my future. Penelope has helped me to do this.

Victoria, Jan 2018

From the first session, Penelope carefully guided us from our starting, antagonistic position to a more positive and calm place. In the process, she sympathetically unravelled years of negative communication habits we had both unknowingly developed. The skills we learnt will be very helpful in all aspects of our separate lives in the future. Thank you.

Tina, Summer 2017

I would really recommend Penelope as a coach for young people. I came to her in an absolute state about what to do about university. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go or what I wanted to do and she helped me think about it in a calm way. I’d almost run out of time for my UCAS form and she was massively helpful about that too. She asked me the right questions to get me to think about how to portray myself and whether the course I’d chosen was the right one. She helped me edit it so it ended up exactly what I wanted to say. I don’t know how I would have managed that time without her help and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough

R Thomas, Jan 2013

Penelope has been such a supportive and empathetic influence, providing encouragement and guidance in helping me go forward in my life.

I have been wanting to change direction in my career and have spent so long procrastinating, feeling completely stuck in making decisions and paying far too much attention to the negative chatter in my head.

She has an innate ability to observe, listen and understand.

Penelope would challenge my ‘saboteur’, she would mindfully bring me back on track when I’d skirted around a question and she wont let you off the hook! She steers you gently and breaks things down into manageable/achievable bitesize chunks.

I now feel energised and so much more positive about what the future holds.

She’s clearly passionate about wanting to help people achieve the best of themselves. I would wholeheartedly recommend her.

Linda, May 2020
Penelope has helped me so much to know myself better and regain confidence. With her intuition and  capacity to feel what lies beneath my words, she is able to reflect back what I am not conscious of.
She is patient and non-judgemental in her approach and her sense of humour adds a lightness of touch.
Penelope has a way with words and is perceptive and gently accepting whilst being willing to challenge me when necessary. I love her honesty and clarity. I highly recommend her.
Anna, July 2020