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If was going to get fixed, I should have done it years ago.2018-08-21T21:44:11+01:00

How will you feel if you’re still in the same position in a year’s time?

I haven’t got time.2018-08-21T21:47:24+01:00

What do you spend your time on and how is that more important?

I can’t see how it will do any good.2018-08-21T21:49:54+01:00

You have been fixed in this way of thinking for a long time, it must be hard to imagine being able to view things differently.  Would you like to see if it’s possible?

I’ve got to 45 without needing it, and everyone knows you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.2018-08-21T21:55:05+01:00

You’ve got to 45, and managed very well.  But you’ve also googled coaching, and reached my site.  What’s that about?

What if I discover things about myself I don’t like?2018-08-21T21:58:57+01:00

Like what?

It’s too expensive – why would I pay for something I could do for nothing with a self-help book and a cup of tea?2018-09-07T12:54:06+01:00

Okay, I have a question for you.  How long have you had these books and how many have you actually read?  And when you did read one, what difference did it make to you?

I’d hang onto the cup of tea.

There can’t be that much wrong – I hold down a job, my wife hasn’t left, my kids are still talking to me, why would I need to get coaching?2018-08-21T22:06:19+01:00

It sounds like you are functioning well at one level.  That dissatisfaction you mentioned, the boredom, the depressed feeling you get on Sunday night, the anxiety in the night, and the fact that you’ve reached my website, these might be areas to explore.

Coaching, transformational conversations, what is all this flaky nonsense?2018-09-07T12:56:37+01:00

Try it – then tell me if you still think it’s flaky.

Six sessions – that’s what you said I should sign up to – that’s six whole hours over 12 weeks!2018-09-07T12:57:53+01:00

That’s less than 5 minutes per day.  What else would you like to use that time for?  No, really, I’m curious.

I keep running into the same difficulties, same arguments, same dead ends, it’s impossible that a few hours over a few weeks is going to make a difference!2018-09-07T12:58:23+01:00

The first session is free.  If you don’t think we’re a good fit, or you’re unlikely to find it useful, there’s absolutely no obligation to carry on.  Shall we try?

I have been working on and off for six months with Penelope. Her gentle, perceptive way of suggesting what she hears when I speak has helped me to see possibilities and hope, leading me to a more objective and positive vision of my future. Her support and total engagement has been enormously helpful in my present situation and what looked like dark, total disruption now has lots of chinks of light. Thank you Penelope, also for your unassuming humour and humanity.


Penelope engaged me in focusing on what issues I could work on and enabled me to choose the ones that linked together for our sessions. She demonstrates her willingness to be alongside a client while keeping her perspective and within her role. She is warm, she has maturity and is interested in her client and wants them to achieve their goals.


My coaching sessions with Penelope have been eye opening. She is incredible at helping to separate the wheat from the chaff. By razor sharply reflecting my words, she helps me understand how other people hear my thoughts and consequently helps me to take responsibility in articulating my wants and setting my own goals.

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