Mediation is confidential, so feedback is quoted without attribution:

“Everyone present appreciated the impressive command that you took of the mediation”
Claimant’s solicitor

“I had two expectations for the mediation – best case and worse case.  The outcome surpassed my best case, by miles”

“I feel so relieved now the case is resolved – that you very much.  I will definitely recommend you as a mediator.”

“Mediation works.  Please, please, consider it at the early stages of disputes, rather than only after things get really horrible.”

“The mediator was so calm all through and never took sides.  Impressive.”

“Thank you for steering us so well through the choppy waters yesterday”

“Penelope’s ability to navigate entrenched and sensitive issues whilst maintaining focus on resolution proved invaluable in reaching an agreed outcome that was acceptable to all parties.”
Deputy Director of Human Resources, University


Feedback on Training:

“Excellent teaching skills”

“An excellent learning experience which has developed skills that I can put to use”

“A real confidence booster – thank you”

“Perfect balance of theory and practice”

“It’s not often that a training gives you those Eureka moments – this one delivered!”

“The skill and experience of the trainers in the field was a definite plus.  Their background knowledge, and referencing specific experience brought an invaluable contribution to the course.”
 Training delivered to University of Herts 

“A really good taster … brilliant examples throughout the day allowed it to be so much easier to understand – well done.”
Head of Employee Relations Dixons Group

“Great use of humour and real examples.”
Leadership Development Manager Currys and Curry’s Digital

“I get involved in a lot of restructure work – it’s useful to use the PIN pyramid to understand what the line manager wants from the change, what’s important and what they must have.”
HR Manager, RSC Electricals Division

“Thank you, this is an interesting area that could deliver great benefits to an organization.”
Head of Reward and Policy Dixons Group