Workplace Mediation

Many disputes between colleagues can be resolved internally but sometimes it’s necessary to bring in someone independent to help people find the way through a difficult dispute.  I bring my background as an employment lawyer, a small business owner, a manager, an employee as well as my expertise as a mediator to these often delicate situations.

Employment Mediation

This term describes a mediation where tribunal proceedings have been threatened or issued.  I can help parties reduce the stress and cost of litigation by helping them work out a resolution that acknowledges priorities and meets everyone’s main needs.

Civil and Commercial Mediation

I am an experienced and successful civil and commercial mediator, having helped parties resolve an enormous variety of legal disputes across a host of interesting industries.  I consider myself an expert in dispute resolution rather than in a particular area, while my background as a lawyer gives me an understanding of the process and what’s at stake for everyone involved.

Neighbour, Inter-generational and Community Mediation

Living with or near people can be difficult. I have been successfully mediating these relational disputes for 14 years, helping parties resolve their differences and live happily (or at least putting up with each other) ever after.