The usual format for a workplace mediation – one or two private meetings with the parties individually followed by a joint session, sometimes all on the same day, sometimes over the course of a week – doesn’t suit every situation. On the contrary, in some situations and for some people this format can pose an extra stress and pressure, and can even get in the way of progress.

Conflict Coaching can offer a more appropriate way of working and a more enduring result.

A conflict coach will build up trust and understanding with one party, inviting him or her to investigate the situation from their own point of view, and move on to consider their own patterns, expectations, and responsibility in a dispute. A coach will help a client consider how the dispute might be affecting them and others, and think through and experiment with ways it might be addressed and handled.

Conflict coaching sessions may take place over days or weeks, usually in one or two hour sessions, in person or by Skype/phone. They are goal orientated (in the same way as mediation is) concentrating on resolving the immediate issue and a establishing a more productive handling of conflict in the future.

I offer one to one coaching sessions for people in employment. In the safety of a series of confidential meetings I will help a client to identify patterns, triggers, habits and blocks, identifying which of these work to their advantage, which are holding them back. By enquiry, reflection and challenge, asking some easy and some difficult questions, I can help a client look closely at where they are, where they want to be and how they might get there. My experience and expertise in dispute resolution equips me well for areas where communication is an issue, handling difficult conversations, how to be clear without being rude.