I am an experienced and successful mediator, accredited in Civil and Commercial, Workplace and Community Mediation. Earlier in my career I worked as a solicitor, specialising in employment, contract and general litigation.

I am particularly interested in the interpersonal nature of mediation, with its emphasis on helping parties to talk to each other, an active approach to assisting and improving communication, reframing judgemental and blaming language and getting parties to think creatively about ways to solve their disputes.

Since qualifying in 2005, I have mediated a wide range of disagreements in commercial, public sector and domestic environments.  Subject matter might vary – I have mediated disputes as apparently far ranging as allegations of race and sex discrimination, bullying and harassment,  Japanese knotweed, a DJ’s fee, inheritance, boundaries and plagiarism – but the dispute resolution skills are the same.   My style is informal but authoritative. I believe parties like to be sure the mediator knows what she is doing and owns the process while at the same time is able to work flexibly with the parties to achieve an outcome workable for everyone.

Not all disputes can be mediated, and not all that come to mediation will be fully resolved.  But it is rare for a mediation to end without a positive outcome. If you choose mediation and you enter the process with an open mind, work hard, explore the options fully, the odds are excellent that mediation will produce a satisfying result for a fraction of the cost and stress of taking a case through litigation.

I am available flexibly to mediate a wide range of disputes, either face to face, or by telephone and Skype.  Please contact me to discuss, without obligation, by email at penelopemoverton@gmail.com or by phone on 07914 611389