• … to reflect on patterns, and beliefs that are so habitual you don’t notice them?

  • … to set yourself some challenges in terms of thinking and doing?

  • … to investigate what you want from the rest of your life?

  • … to question whether where you are now is where you want to be?

  • … to look at what your other options might be?

  • … to commit an hour a fortnight over the next 12 weeks to looking after yourself?

  • … to listen to yourself, deeply?

  • … to find the questions and find some answers?

  • … to be amazed that what seemed such a mess can turn out to be quite simple?

  • … to find new ways to talk to your partner and children so they can hear you?

  • … to do things differently?

  • … to make a commitment to yourself?

  • … to take steps in your life you’ve been putting off for years?

  • … to be honest, really and truly?

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Even after the first session with Penelope I felt like I had gained some order and control back in my life. I had just been through a dreadful divorce which had traumatised my two teenagers and myself. Every session with her has been unique and always beneficial for me. We talk about different aspects of my life and difficulties that I might be facing. Penelope has boosted my confidence and helped me to gently tackle one issue at a time.

I have no doubt that the life coaching that I have had with Penelope has boosted my self esteem, helped me to believe in myself and given me the strength and resilience to face the uncertainty in my life. I am looking forward to a new chapter in my life and planning my future. Penelope has helped me to do this.


From the first session, Penelope carefully guided us from our starting, antagonistic position to a more positive and calm place. In the process, she sympathetically unravelled years of negative communication habits we had both unknowingly developed. The skills we learnt will be very helpful in all aspects of our separate lives in the future. Thank you.