1. Even when everything’s closed, there is still slightly too much to do;
  2. Starting any new project – making curtains, writing a novel, learning the guitar requires will, determination, routine – not just time;
  3. I knew I was an introvert, but I hadn’t realised how much of my happiness depended on not having to go out;
  4. What furlough means. My guess is like tsunami after 2004, we’ll find it popping up in every other sentence from now on;
  5. That face masks protect other people more than the wearer – using one isn’t selfish, it’s kind;
  6. Dogs love a lockdown;
  7. Social mores can change literally overnight; playing football on the green, sitting on a bench, moving towards someone in an otherwise empty supermarket aisle, holding a door open, sneezing outside, paying with cash, shaking hands, not getting off the pavement – so rude;
  8. A Tory can appear genuinely interested in fellow Question Time panelists’ responses.  Robert Buckland broke the mould last night;
  9. What a key worker is and what they’re actually worth;
  10. How little time we had to stand and stare before;
  11. What a pangolin is;
  12. That some activities work better by Zoom than others – Pilates and yoga tick, meditation not so much;
  13. The little jobs that have been hanging around for ages, they’re still hanging around;
  14. That in an uncertain world, people want loo paper;
  15. How to play a G chord on the guitar;
  16. That we needed a shake up, it’s a shame it had to happen this way;