I am a transformational coach, specialising in … people.

I am trying to think what characterises my clients – someone whose partner left suddenly and is struggling with the shock; someone who has built up a successful career but doesn’t enjoy it and feels as if he’s running out of time; someone whose children have left home and is shocked at how lonely she now feels; someone who wants to relocate but isn’t sure when, when or how; someone who wants help getting started with her own business, oh and to crack on with that novel she knows is in her. 

All of us, at one time or another, find ourselves tied up in a place where we know we aren’t functioning as we’d like, thoughts running in circles, unable to find the answers because the questions aren’t yet clear.  We get stuck, overwhelmed, muddled or simply wish we had somebody on our side to help us through the changes we can’t quite manage on our own.

I will bring curiosity, experience, the ability to listen deeply and without judgement, plus (dare I say it?) wisdom.  Together we will sift over your situation, holding it to the light until we find the way forward.    

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My sessions with Penelope surpassed my expectation. I couldn’t have predicted the impact our conversations would have on my ability to see where I wanted to go in my career, but also how my need to make those changes was bleeding into my personal life too.


Penny’s coaching has been invaluable to me, it has helped me gain clarity on a number of different issues both personally and in work. Having a neutral person who is able to ask the right questions has enabled me to move forward in some areas that I have previously been ‘stuck’ with. Taking the time every week to be coached has given me a fresh perspective on where I am and would like to be in the future. Thank You!

Helen Denny